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Just the facts, ma'am

UX Designer/Information Architect

The Challenge

Labor Unions aren't conventionally viewed as sexy businesses. Neither are marketing sites. However, the LECET.org site needed to be both, while also communicating trust and professionalism.

The Solution

A responsive, mobile-friendly marketing site that doesn't hide its business origins under flash and glitz but still manages to be elegant and informational in both its form as well as function.

The Result

A content-rich website featured a single page layout with simple navigation, and a clean and intuitive interface showcasing contact information, search functionality, links to other affiliate sites, and a map feature.

A consistent brand image communicates not only professionalism, but also transparency. This allowed the LECET site to act as a central hub providing necessary informational links, contact information, and general marketing material, as well as a launching point for members and interested parties.

Honesty and transparency communicates trust and fosters loyalty.

In addition to creating a responsive site, I also created template pages, allowing the client to expand on their site and its offerings should the need arise.

A responsive website that delivered information clearly and succinctly across all platforms. The resulting UI was scaled so that each "chunk" of information would fit neatly on the screen across any device, while also hinting at further information below. That, and other bits of technical and UX wizardry communicated professionalism and trust for an organization where those qualities were paramount.

Elegant Construction

The site was showcased at a company event in mid 2017 to much fanfare, and successfully launched.

The Results

Architecture and visual vocabulary that consistently communicated each element's user and intention to the user.

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  • LECET Trustees
  • LECET Mobile Site
  • LECET General Content
Clean design helps LECET advocate for their workers and provide necessary education and information for their members to work safely and effectively