Hello, I'm Rainne Wu

User Experience

Visual Design

Interaction Design


I design thoroughly researched, well-reasoned, logical ideations that solve problems and communicate objectives.


I create clear, contextual, communicative design and interactions that say what they mean and mean what they say.


I deliver professional, punctual, and organized on-brand, clearly communicative comps, wireframes, and other deliverables.

Services Available

I am available for ad hoc project work that allows me to flex my user experience and design skills, and also allows me to learn and grow from the experience. My goal is to produce high quality work, manage each project delivery in an agile way, and build solid relationships with my clients.

UX Design

User-flows, wireframes, visual designs, and prototypes, I do it all, to create usable, meaningful designs.

Visual Design

Visual design is the Rosetta Stone to your product's language. From icons to web design to clickable prototypes to game interfaces, I can meet all your design needs.

Front-End Development

Knowledge is power. Understanding the technological parameters will inform my design decisions. Proficient in HTML and CSS, learning js and jQuery.

Interaction Design

Using results from testing and research, amongst other methodologies, I design system interactions and behaviors that would be the most useful, and delightful, for the users.


Concept to creation, ideation to implementation, start to finish, and all the baby steps in between. I brainstorm, I flow, I inquire, I research, I wireframe, design, and create. Here's some of my work.

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Services, akA What I make

I'd love to hear from you, and talk about what we can create together. Or we could chat about Star Trek. I like Star Trek.

User Experience Design

Starting with a logical userflow that brings the user through his or her journey, then structured and organized wireframes, and finally contextual and usable designs that communicate, a meaningful and engaging ecosystem of an experience is born.


Shopping should be simple, organized, and maybe a little bit of fun. It should not be complicated, chaotic, and frustraing. I have experiencing turning the second set of characteristics into the first of qualities, and can certainly do the same for your eCommerce business.

Content Management Systems

Data is just numbers without context, but if analyzed, organized, and visualized properly, it can used to convey important information, and show otherwise unseen patterns and connections. I can help design a manageable workflow that allows users to quickly and efficiently publish, edit, modify, and organize their data.

UI Design

How your users connect and interact with your product or application can be more important than the content itself. I can create a clear and consistent visual vernacular to allow your product to communicate with your users.

Branding and logo creation

Going beyond color palettes, font choices, and business cards, I help craft a unique image and theme to effectively communicate to customers the "story" of your company.


Even if print is on its way out, the principles of good design still stand: communicative, useful, aesthetic, and honest. Be it a web design, a poster, a set of icons, or an illustration for an advertisement, I promise what I create for you will adhere to these rules.


Getting to know you, getting to know all about you isn't possible unless we actually connect! Give me a call or drop me an email, and let's become friends.

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