• Connect Tools

Project Details

Connect Tools is a a series of online instruments utilized by instructors to create homework and exams for their classes, particularly in the science and mathematical sector.

User Experience

Creating a design that met user needs, which, in this case meant creating an assignment completion environment that was "pick up and play," meaning easy to learn and use.

Visual Design

Strategically implemented images, visual hierarchy, and other elements to facilitate interaction and engage users. The designs drew the user's eyes to correct functionality, prioritized tasks through a visual vocabulary, and built brand trust by respecting the style guide.


As part of the initiative to create a better user experience, I created CSS to replace the old png images, in order to cut down on load time, as well as deliver consistent quality across a variety of browsers and devices.

As the UI designer, my job on Tools was to create a visual language that would facilitate the user's movement through the information architecture, support the instructor's needs (including the ability to create clean and clear assignment questions) as well as adhere to the branding for McGraw Hill Education.

Visual design isn't just pretty pictures; it should communicate with the user and facilitate engagement.

Tools gave instructors the ability to customize homework assignments as well as exams, by either choosing from an existing database of questions, or creating their own from scratch.

Visual Design

It's not just about aesthetics; order and efficiency can communicate function to the user, which is a beautiful thing.

  • ChemDraw Whiteboard
  • ChemDraw Whiteboard
  • ChemDraw Image old
  • ChemDraw Image new
  • Connect Calculator Old
  • Connect Calculator New
An attractive visual hierarchy is a usable one.