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Just the facts, ma'am

UX Designer/Information Architect

The Challenge

The sales team often traveled to client sites and presented slideshows demonstrating company offerings. Not having a central hub of assets led to inconsistencies in branding and message. Sales members also could not make last-minute updates.

The Solution

An elegant and intuitive native app for sales presentation creating, editing,and sharing, that regularly synced with company asset servers, to ensure consistent branding and up-to-date company assets and offerings.

The Result

A native iPad app that allowed users to create, edit, and share custom presentations. The app synced with a company database that would be regularly updated with template presentations or company-approved slide assets the sales team could use.

Users should never have to think. The ideal design allows for "pick up and play." Because the target user group had varying degrees of technical proficiency, the app relied on existing, well-known design conventions and clear visual as well as written language to communicate with the user.

Simple, clear designs are the most effective.

Good UX is not limited to visuals. The interactions I designed articulated design patterns with regards to navigation schemas, rollover behavior, and button designs that communicated primary, secondary, and disabled actions.

A well designed app allows the user to find what they need quickly and easily. How information is architectured, from the hierarchy and organization of data, to how error is handled, is communicated to the user simply and effectively. The TruGreen app's underlying logic is surfaced to the user, and allows them to quickly find what they need.

Visual design is the user's Rosetta Stone to understanding your product.

Thought the TruGreen iPad Sale Team app is an internal application, used mostly by company employees, it was still important to create a cohesive, predictable, and satisfactory product for the end user.

The Results

Architecture and visual vocabulary that consistently communicated each element's user and intention to the user.

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Architecture, Data Structure, and a Logic language that communicates with the user are part of the mix that make for great user experience.