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Just the facts, ma'am

Lead UX Designer/Information Architect

The Challenge

FIXT had already found success delivering repairs to individual customers, and wanted to streamline the process so they could expand to service entire companies.

The Solution

A heuristic analysis of the entire ecosystem of the app, from the administrator to the end-user to the repair technician, was conducted to identify how all the pieces fit together holistically, as well as identify pain points.

The Result

UX and UI that served as their blueprints for success, I created a holistic path to success by expanding on, not replacing, the current system, was created.

I mapped out the existing system's flow for all three users to identify current points of intersection. From there we discussed business goals for this iteration, and beyond, and created a system capable of expanding with the demands of a growing business.

Frame existing content around all users to create a cohesive ecosystem

Each new feature had primary as well as secondary users. An alert feature that directly benefited the repair technician by informing them when to leave for an upcoming appointment benefitted the coordinator and the end user by notifying them that a repair person would soon arrive.

New features included the ability for users to track a technician en route to the repair site, the ability to cancel or reschedule a repair, to receive notification when a technician was on his or her way, and to communicate directly with the technician, via in-app messaging, rather than user the repair coordinator as an intermediary.

Automated features and notifications lessened cognitive load on all users to allow for a more streamlined and enjoyable user experience

Technicians could use the app to set their working hours, to cancel or reschedule a repair, and review their full payment history, and provide smart in-app notifications alerting to leave by a certain time to reach their repair site. These new features allowed technicians to operate truly as independent businesses through Fixt.

The Results

By providing Fixt with the necessary solutions to bring their platform to the next level and beyond, with app diagrams, wireframes, and visual designs as their blueprints for success, a holistic path to success expanding on, not replacing, the current system, was created.

  • Fixt Repair Technician Userflow
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  • Fixt Customer Userflow
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  • Fixt Coordinator Userflow
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A streamlined workflow with the most time-sensitive material bubbled to the forefront so that all parties could coordinate and remain up to date.