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Just the facts, ma'am

Lead UX Designer/Information Architect

The Challenge

Eschen a prosthetics company, had an outdated, clunky system with an inefficient information architecture and counter-intuitive user interface for their prosthetic order creation flow.

The Solution

A clear and intuitive UI for all three users, the Prosthetist, the Reviewer, and the Administration, and a "smart" database capable of ingesting data, such as new patient profiles, and updating the database across all user groups.

The Result

The resulting UX and UI made the order creation process easier, by ensuring that it was communicative, with an architecture that linked relevant sections efficiently, and a well organized system focusing on patients first.

Eschen was one of the more challenging projects, not only due to its complexity, but its user base; the level of technical prowess ranged from recent graduates who grew up with computers to a set of users that the client classified as "barely able to use email."

Effective UX brings value to a wide range of users, from the tech savvy to newbies.

To facilitate ease of use, I created an intelligent system capable of suggesting templates based on patient diagnosis. A smart search that allowed users to search for prosthetics parts, within the order creation screen rather than jumping to another section,facilitated custom prosthetics creation.

The original prosthetics order creation process was clunky and inefficient, not only for the Prosthetist/Specialist, but also the Reviewer checking the work. The on-boarding process for new hires to learn the system was understandably long and tedious, which added to the client's business expenses. The system was organized by prosthetics order, rather than by the patient's profile, which made it difficult not not only to scale, but also to track medical history.

A well-oiled, intuitive machine

As with most other "upgrade" projects, the process involved understanding the complexities and pain points of the current flow and process. The team observed medical prosthetists create dummy orders, toured the prosthetics work stations, and interviewed specialists. What we learned informed our design decisions, resulting in a more streamlined and simple process for all three user groups, at varying degress of technical prowess.

The Results

A medical desktop application that empowers prosthetics practitioners to effectively and quickly engineer custom prosthetics for their patients.

  • Eschen App Diagram
  • Eschen Patient wireframes
  • Eschen New Patient Modals
  • Eschen Desktop Mockup
An efficient UI in the wireframes clearly communicating the flow and the relationships between the different sections optimized an old process into a clean and efficient one that benefitted all user groups.