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Just the facts, ma'am

UX Consultant

The Challenge

A very limited time frame to optimize the user experience for mvp. Inconsistent color styles and flows that did not go beyond the happy path muddled the user experience.

The Solution

Simplified user flow by diminishing visual clutter while reducing the number of screens users had to click through. I created a style guide developers that went beyond colors and fonts, and included behaviors and logic.

The Result

A logical user flow was created, with an easily learned visual and behavioral vernacular, while adhering to a clear brand. The product is easily understood, and a well-established style guide makes the application easily expandable for future iterations.

Having a consistent vocabulary, where one color indicates actionable item, another a disabled item, and yet another color indicate body text, is a key component in an application or website's UX design patterns. Visuals can tell a product's story, and as such, are a vital component to UX.

Consistency is key when establishing a visual vernacular for an application's UI.

A good UX "style guide" is not limited to visuals. The DAL styleguide I created articulated design patterns with regards to navigation schemas, rollover behavior, and button designs that communicated primary, secondary, and disabled actions.

How information is architectured, from the hierarchy and organization of data, to how error is handled, is communicated to the user in a variety of ways. The Digital Asset Library's underlying logic is surfaced to the user, and allows them to quickly find what they need.

Visual design is the user's Rosetta Stone to understanding your product.

Thought the Digital Asset Library is an internal application, used mostly by company employees, it was still important to create a cohesive, predictable, and satisfactory product for the end user.

The Results

A graphical vocabulary that consistently communicated each element's user and intention to the user.

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Structure, layout, and an aesthetic language that communicates with the user are part of the mix that make for great user experience.